There's an awesome power
in learning from each other.

I always find inspiration and energy from meeting people when I participate at industry conferences, masterminds, webinars, show judging and small-group seminars.

“Max delivered an amazing presentation that had the hall entranced. There was a lot of head-nodding. My team came away both inspired and armed with practical information around brand purpose to drive our marketing, talent recruitment and CSR strategies.”

Adam B., Commercial Director, Amazon Web Services

Max showed our teams how to get to ideas fast. His lessons were immediately applicable and his examples were thought-provoking.

Maria Y., Senior Manager, Content Strategy &
Creative Services, Air New Zealand

Sometimes brands need a quick injection of purpose-led creative or strategy.

That’s why I created Night School as the CEO of my last agency.

It is a sprint-based workshop to get teams aligned on a strategic vision for their work and a “why” to drive it.

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